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Monday, January 27, 2014

Monday Musings Week 4

I spent some money this week, and I saved some. Here's the breakdown.

Groceries                  $80.64
School kit for Leah   $35.16
Piano Lessons          $10.00
Toilet paper              $71.32   
Total                        $197.12

You might be asking, "Who in the world spends $71 on toilet paper?"

And I would have to answer you, "We do!"
84,000 sheets of toilet paper waiting for a trip to the attic

I don't ever want to run out of toilet paper. You see, when you have 8 people living in one home, and most of those people are home all day, you go through a LOT of toilet paper. Since our children learn at home, we don't have the benefit of the public school paying for our t.p. -- another hidden expense of homeschooling. When Syd and I first married, I used to buy that wonderfully soft Charmin tissue. As the years went by and our toilet paper consumption skyrocketed, I switched to the 1000 sheet rolls that come in a 12 pack. When there were 10 of us here, we even went through those rolls fairly quickly.

The 12-packs of 1000 sheet rolls are $9.24 every day at Wal-Mart. So, when I saw the CVS brand equivalent on sale for $5.49, I knew I had a deal. It was such a great deal that I bought 12 packages -- 144 1000-sheet rolls of toilet paper. Seven of the packs went up to the attic, and the other 5 were distributed between our bathrooms. And while this amount of toilet paper might last your family for 5 years, it won't even last a year around here. An added benefit is that I saved $45 by getting the toilet paper on sale. That's enough to buy another 8 12-packs at the sale price!

Who knows? In another 8 years, when our sweet baby Esther goes off to college, I might go back to buying Charmin for the two of us. I think every couple should do something special after 40 years of marital bliss, don't you?


  1. lol. Yes, I think after 40 years you are definitely entitled to indulge with Charmin. And who knows, maybe after 45 years you could even add a few more name brands! ;) I love the posts, Kathleen. Keep them coming!!