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Friday, January 31, 2014

Clutter's Last Stand Project 3: The Laundry Room

We had two weddings last year. One for our oldest daughter in May, and our oldest son married in August. We just kind of rolled from one wedding into the next with a couple of high school graduations in between. Then we rolled into the beginning of a new school year followed by Josiah's football season followed by basketball season. In the middle of all this, I was given a wonderful opportunity to earn some much-needed extra cash by doing some (actually, quite a lot) of curriculum writing from the comfort of my home. Oh, and let's not forget Thanksgiving and Christmas. To say the past 8 months have been crazily busy would be an understatement.

So, it is totally understandable that my laundry room looks like this:

That pink crate holds the tablecloths from Nate and Amanda's rehearsal dinner. The blue tub has 20+  table runners that I made in my "spare" time last April. The Amazon box has assorted wedding, graduation, and rehearsal dinner decorations. A sprinkling of sheets and towels adorn the top of the containers. To the east of the containers and following around to the south, you can see the hanging clothes that have come out of the laundry since August. Yes, August. Up until this week, I had not made it from the laundry room to the closet with the hanging clothes. Gasp!
Above, you see the south side of the laundry room. Notice the "small" pile of clean laundry on top of the machines.

Here's the true confession in all of this. For the past 8+ months, I have basically dressed out of my laundry room. Whenever I needed something, rather than head to my overstuffed closet, I just grabbed something off the top of the washer or from the hanging rack. In my case, this proves the idea that we only actually wear about 10-20% of the clothes we own.

After spending a relatively small amount of time, I now have a much-improved laundry area. Here it is:

"Hmmm," you say. You only see the south view? Alas, while I've begun work on the north side, I'm not a miracle worker. You'll just have to wait until next week before I can get to the rest of the room.

I hope you have a great weekend. I plan to work on my Christmas Valentine cards. What about you?

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  1. You're doing great! It's hard to see momentum and progress, but soon enough you'll look back and it will be done. Keep at it!