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Friday, February 28, 2014

Clutter's Last Stand Project 6: More Bathroom Storage

I’m writing this post between games at the home school state basketball tournament. As I was rushing around getting ready to leave Thursday morning, I grabbed my camera to get a photo of the bathroom cabinet I organized this week. I pressed the switch to turn it on and nothing happened. I pulled the battery, put it in the charger, waited an hour, re-installed the battery, and tried again. Still, there was no whirring sound of the opening lens. I fear some young person may have broken yet another camera. Arrrrgh! I have the “smartest” basic phone, but the picture quality leaves a lot to be desired. Until I can get Wonder Husband to repair the other camera, the phone camera will have to do.

In the past, this calamity would have been all the excuse I needed to march down to the Verizon store and sign up for a smart phone. Since we are committed to a non-consumptive lifestyle, I’ll just have to make do with what we have. I hope the camera can be fixed. It takes great pictures, even if a photography moron is operating it. Still, if any of you have a digital camera languishing in a drawer somewhere, think of me before you toss it in the next mission trip garage sale.

Back to that bathroom cabinet…

Earlier in the week, I was taking a shower. When I reached up to grab the shampoo, I discovered that both it and my conditioner were gone. I was one unhappy mama. When I found out they had been swiped and carried up to the girls' bathroom, Leah informed me that we were completely out of shampoo and conditioner. How could that be? If you read my toilet paper post, you know I abhor running out of anything essential. (I know, a true minimalist would question the assigning an “essential” label to shampoo and conditioner. We’ll have to look past that. It’s a heart change we’re after here.)

Determined to make sure this never happens again, I decided to have one central location for all extra shampoo, soap, etc. Since I do the toiletries shopping (and I avoid the kids’ bathroom like the plague), I decided the logical storage location is the cabinet above the toilet in the master bath. That way I can monitor consumption and purchase replacements as needed. This required some reorganization, but I think it turned out nicely, as you can see in this picture.

Baskets which we already had hold like items – all the bar soap, sunscreen, etc. In lieu of baskets, I would have used shoe boxes. Shampoos, conditioners, and body washes are organized in a straight line on one shelf. I can easily see what I have and what I need. Did you notice the bottle of Eckerd Body Wash? That’s a classic. Anyone know how long ago CVS bought out Eckerd? I know it’s been at least 6 years. Well, at least it isn’t Revco brand!

I tend to be queen of the store brand products. In 95+% of the cases, I've found store brand toiletries to be of excellent quality. Back in the Eckerd Drug days, every 3-4 months they would have a sale – buy one Eckerd brand product, get a second product of equal or lesser value free. I took these opportunities to stock up on everything from soap, to feminine products, to meds, shampoos, school supplies, foil, zipper storage bags, cleaners, food items, etc. It was a great deal that CVS has yet to reproduce. (I guess they heard about me and didn't like my ways!) Wal*Mart, CVS, Walgreens, and Kroger all market excellent store brand products – I've tried them all, and have found this to be a very simple way to cut my spending. Usually the stores place the store brand item next to the comparable national brand product. Often their will be a little label on the shelf or container that says, "Compare to Robitussin," or "Same Ingredients as NyQuil." Thar makes it super simple to find the product I need.

Next week, I will be blogging from the frozen land of central Nebraska. Esther and I are leaving Sunday and will get to spend a week with our Rachel, her husband, Jacob, and his family. I can hardly wait. If you think about it, keep us in your prayers for good weather and safe travels. 

Have a great weekend!


  1. Nebraska! I just finished reading a book about pioneers traversing Nebraska Territory and meeting up with everything from rattlesnakes to tornadoes. I hope you meet up with nothing like that!! Have fun, and I hope you get your good camera back!!
    Sherry Welch

    1. We planned to leave early Sunday morning, but the weather conditions were too bad. Hopefully, we can leave Monday morning.

  2. According to this article, CVS bought Eckerd in 2004!