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Friday, February 14, 2014

Clutter's Last Stand: Project #4 The Laundry Room, Part 2

Last week, my life was so cluttered with three million things to do that I didn't even touch my laundry room clutter. We have relatives coming in town tomorrow, so I have a good incentive to get this done.

Here is my BEFORE picture:
And here is the finished product:

Cleaning the obvious clutter was easy. Packing up the wedding and graduation decorations ans putting away folded laundry was  a cinch. Then came the hard part.

Emotions got involved.

We are licensed foster parents. With the weddings, etc. from last year, we went on inactive status with our agency. If you or anyone you know have ever gone through the licensing process, you know that it is long and complicated and expensive. It involves training upon training, background checks, inspections, getting our homestead up to licensing standards including everything from fencing the pond to vaccinating the cat to making sure we have approved trash cans. If there is any way to keep our license active, that's what we want to do.

What does that have to do with the laundry room?

The laundry room counter doubles as a changing table, and this is the area  where I keep the supplies for caring for sweet little foster babies. Before the end of March, we have to make a decision about whether we go back on active status or relinquish our license.  In order to properly declutter, I need to know what that decision is. I don't want to decide, because I'm afraid we're going to let it lapse, and I don't want to. I don't want to let go of this ministry God has placed on my heart.

So, I came up with a compromise. The baby stuff stays. It's neat and organized, and "at the ready" should we decide to go back on active status. If we don't, I know several people with babies, and I'll box it up and pass it on to them. In the meantime, maybe I'll find out one of my married children is expecting a wee one, and then I can have a "Honey" stash. You never know...

For those that like pictures, here are a few more:
Sadly, someone dumped out a container of baby powder, and this drawer was a MESS!
Isn't this MUCH better? This makes me smile.
                                                 These neat and organized cabinets make me smile, too.
 My decluttering "kit" has it's very own home. My professional kit includes two laundry baskets, a crate, a storage container and a bunch of trash bags. I take it to an area and attack -- one container for keepers, one for things to give away, one for trash, and one for the undecided stuff that I'll hang on to for a little while before parting with it.

This is the tub for outgrown clothes. I've found the kids are much more likely to get them to me if I have a place to put them. Below that it our foster care "at the ready" container. It contains sheets, burp clothes,blankets, and a small assortment of unisex clothes for when we get a placement. On our last time around, the caseworker called to confirm we were willing to take a placement. In the next breath, she said she was less than 30 minutes away and this baby had nothing except one baby bottle and the clothes on his back.

So, there you go. I feel like I've really accomplished something. Now, to decide where to declutter next week. 

Have a blessed weekend,

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  1. Come declutter for me, for your next project! ;-) This looks great!
    Sherry Welch