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Friday, February 21, 2014

Clutter's Last Stand Project #5: The Master Bedroom Corner

I knew I was asking for trouble when we put the crib in our bedroom when we have no crib occupant living here. That's just an invitation to fill it with stuff. And then, there is the example of my grandmother. She had a crib in her guest room, and while it was never piled high with assorted clutter, it did always contain a couple of old fabric store pattern books and assorted goodies. I don't recall ever seeing a baby in there, even though she had 20 grandchildren, and I was the third oldest.

While the laundry room was bad, at least it was presentable. On the other hand, the bedroom corner is a place no one dares to look. Who knows what lurks beneath the piles and piles of stuff?

There were gift-wrapping supplies from Christmas, miscellaneous objects from both weddings & Mother's Day 2013, assorted craft projects, palette-making materials from our two youngest who still like to sleep in our room from time to time, outgrown kids' clothing, and assorted bed linens. In other words, it was a MESS!

I set up my sorting station in the center of my bed and got to work.

I pulled out all the big items first -- the broken chair, crash pad, and Christmas decorations. That made a big difference. My corner began to look manageable.

Then I started on the crib -- comforters and blankets, clothes, etc.
Before long, the crib was empty,
and I had 3 sacks of things to give away, 3 containers of trash, a neat bedroom corner,
and a bedroom that looks so much better.

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