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Monday, August 18, 2014

Monday Musings: Week 33

Without trolling through my old posts to verify this, I am going out on a limb to report that this is the week of my best Spending Report ever! I'd like to brag on myself, letting you know how I've turned from my spending ways, but that wouldn't be totally true. So here's the report, and after that, the truth.

Here are my stats for week 33.                  

Week 33 Spending

Two weekends a month, my younger children and I volunteer at a local food pantry. Our time there is one of the highlights of my month. I work with a great group of people, and we are doing meaningful ministry. On Friday mornings, we arrive at the church and help set up for the Saturday food distribution. This was one of our Fridays, so Essie, Gideon, and I reported for duty. We were working away, when I noticed my left knee was really bothering me. I thought it might hurt less if I took off my shoes. When I was removing the shoe from my right foot, I decided to use my left foot to push the back of the shoe off my heel. I felt this popping sensation followed by intense pain radiating from my left knee. I’d never felt such pain – if I moved my knee in any way, the shooting pains would start. Long story short – after a trip my favorite doctor, 5-star treatment by his staff, and an x-ray, I was sent home with instructions to stay off my knee and continue to elevate and ice it through Sunday evening.

Remember how I wanted to make time for watching “You’ve Got Mail?” I had it. I had time to watch more DVDs than I’d ever wished for. Naps – check. Long conversations with my beloved – check. Now, I’ve got to admit all the pampering has been great, but I’m a pretty independent gal, and I draw the line with having to get help taking a shower! So, the past three days have been relaxing and humbling. As a person who is almost always the one helping others, it’s been eye-opening to be in a position where I have to receive it.
The injured knee and my swollen foot that looks like a sausage
Another lesson learned from the recliner – empathy. I must admit I’m not the most sympathetic person in the world. I’m much more of a “buck up and move on with life” sort. When people go on and on about this or that pain, I tend to do an inside-the-brain eye roll. Yesterday, I called my daughter Rachel and apologized for not being kinder and more accommodating when she tore her ACL and had knee surgery – twice! And then I had to apologize to Josiah for accusing him of “milking” his injury for special treatment when he broke his wrist and had to have surgery, although I still secretly believe he was pushing it a little too far… J I still have a few more apologies to make, but this lesson is taken to heart. People’s pain is real, and my judgmental attitude never helps anyone, and very likely adds to their pain. Even if I am successful at hiding it, the stinky attitude hurts me and robs me of the blessing of genuine compassion.

So the real reason for my spending success this weekend is my torn up knee which has kept me very close to home. A sweet friend picked up some groceries for me, and my clothing purchase was made online – new underwear for one of my kiddos who has expressly asked to remain anonymous. I’ve a new appreciation for my family, as they have graciously picked up the slack and helped keep this household running. Thanks to Joel for bringing over chicken on Friday night, and to my sister for rescuing me, and to my food pantry friends who have called and checked on me, and even sent me home with a wheelchair which has made getting around so much easier and has been a great pastime for the kids. And thanks to my dear Syd who acquiesced to my insistence that we build our house with 36”-wide doorways in all of our downstairs rooms. While I was envisioning us as 95 year-olds having walker races throughout the house, it has been very nice to be able to get around easily this weekend.

The knee is improving. I can stand now and put some weight on it. Hopefully, I’ll be able to walk on it tomorrow. If you think of it, please keep me in your prayers. I really don't have time for torn ligaments and knee surgery. Plus, I don't think my fanny can take much more sitting around!

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