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Monday, March 10, 2014

Monday Musings: Week 10

We're still in Nebraska. The weather went from warm on Wednesday to snowing on Friday, and then a sunny 75 degrees on Sunday. It made me think we were back in Texas! 

I'll have to report Syd's spending while we were gone in next week's post. 
Here's a breakdown of my spending for the past week.

Tolls                       $12
Travel Snacks         $8
Food                       $19   
Total                      $39

Rachel has prepared a variety of delicious meals, so we've spent a minimal amount on food. If I'd been able to figure out how to operate her swanky coffeemaker while she was at work, I wouldn't have purchased coffee at the Pump N' Pantry, but my addiction took over. On Sunday, we went to church in Kearney, so I sprung for lunch for Essie, Rachel, and me.

This week I've learned the value of taking a break, being free of demanding schedules, and having long stretches of time to be together with people who enrich my life. Today, I was able to say "Happy Birthday" to dear Clara and hug her neck in real time. My heart was full as I watched Clara and Amelia, who I've known since they were 2 and 3 years old, interact with their own sweet children. They are amazing moms. Saturday, Rachel and I sat side by side, her knitting while I crocheted. We talked a lot, but we enjoyed just being together in the quiet. Wednesday, Lisa and I speed-chatted, catching up on about 100 different conversations and topics. Esther has reveled in the presence of girls and enjoyed playing with her new "sisters-in-law," Jacob's sisters, Margaret, Eleanor, Lydia, and Annie, 

While I appreciate social media, there is no substitute for face-to-face time with those we love. It's time to turn off the screens and tune into one another while we are in each other's presence. It's never been easier to "run away at home" -- to be present in body, but be miles away mentally, to pay more attention to the doings of others than to those God has placed in our own families.

This is the lesson I'm taking home this week. Be present. Be in the moment. Treasure the time I have with the ones I love. Life is too busy, and always will be, until I make a point of slowing down and making meaningful connections. 

We leave Nebraska on Wednesday morning and plan to visit Uncle Dick and Aunt Mary in Woodward, Oklahoma. On Thursday, it's back to the Boxed N Ranch. If you think of us, please pray we'll have safe travels.

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  1. I've just picked up crochet again after a 37 years sabbatical. I need a lesson on how to 1) slip stitch to join a round, then start another color. That is the hardest part to me, and the patterns just say, "Start a new color..." lol. I've watched a couple of videos that were helpful with other things, but I guess they think "who would watch a video about starting a new color?" Anyway, when you get back I might need to get with you sometime (with Tanya, who wants to learn; I got her started last night, but I learned strictly from watching Mother and I know she learned from her mother and grandmother--so no scientific knowledge here!!) and let you show us how to do those things--when you get back to your hectic lifestyle and cant' say "no" to us!!! ;-) Sherry~~