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Friday, March 7, 2014

Clutter's Last Stand: Bathroom Organizing Tips

I'm in Nebraska visiting my oldest daughter, so I can't be decluttering back at the ranch. Since Rachel's Home of Adorableness and Newlywed Bliss has a tiny bathroom, I was inspired to share these bathroom organizing tips, all of which she has incorporated into her 25 square foot bathroom. (That includes the floor space occupied by the bathtub. Take that out, and she has 15 square feet left for the toilet, sink, and storage!)

If you're serious about eliminating clutter, a good place to begin is your bathroom. Since it's usually fairly small, you can get some pretty quick gratification, especially in comparison to organizing your kitchen or closet. J
This is NOT Rachel's bathroom!
 Here are 7 tips and strategies to get you started.

Clean out and edit.
Empty your cabinets and under your sink and find out what you have. Throw away half-used products. If you haven't used something in the past year you probably never will. For people like me who like to buy in bulk, there is no need to store 8 bottles of the same shampoo under the sink. Gather up all your duplicates and put them in a clearly labelled storage box. Place that box in a convenient place where you can keep track of your inventory.
Move the medicine. 
Don't assume that drugs and medical supplies must be kept in the bathroom. Many medications suffer in the humidity of a bathroom. Pick out the medications you use on a daily or weekly basis and keep those at hand. The rest can be put in a storage bin elsewhere in the house. We use a tool chest with a luggage combination lock for childproofing. Check the expiration dates on your drugs. Expired drugs should be taken to a pharmacy for disposal.
Clear the surfaces.
Nothing makes a bathroom seem messier than a cluttered countertop. Very few bath items need to be out in plain view. Stash them in a drawer or cabinet. Whatever you use most should be easiest to get to. Less used items can be stored in the back of a drawer or under the sink in storage containers. If you simply must keep some things on the counter, corral them in a pretty basket or on a tray. This makes it simple to move them when cleaning your counters
Cut down on decorations. 
If you have plenty of storage space you may have some leftover space for displaying pretty perfume bottles, candles, decorative soaps, etc.. If you get too carried away, your bathroom will look cluttered. I like to decorate my bathroom with accessories that are attractive, but also functional, such as a nice trash can or a pretty soap dish. If displayed with care, stacks of towels and toilet paper rolls can be quite attractive By placing them out on display you free up a lot of space in the linen closet and under the sink.
Get creative with your storage. 
If you don't have much storage in your bathroom, try baskets or bins to hide unsightly products. Invest in a wall-mounted cabinet if you don't have much floor space.
Keep extra toilet paper handy.
You can do yourself and your guests a favor by making toilet paper easy to locate if the current roll runs out. Place rolls in a nice basket on the back of the toilet or stack them on a toilet roll holder.
Corral your hair care supplies. 
Put your brush, hair care products and hair dryer in a single tote under the sink. You can pull the container onto the sink when getting ready and stash it all away when you're done.

If your bathroom is a mess, don't feel bad -- you're not alone. Watch this to see Katie Couric's bathroom and then watch this video to see how professional organizers transformed it.

For lots of clever ideas, search Bathroom Organizing Ideas on Pinterest.

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