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Monday, October 13, 2014

Monday Musings: Week 41 Spending Report

Week 41 Spending (Oct. 6-12, 2014)

It’s been a rough week – a really rough week. I had several situations spinning out of control, and it seemed as if it was too much to bear. No, actually, it was too much to bear. Multiple attacks on multiple fronts – some of them were predictable, but others came out of nowhere. One, at least on the surface, has been resolved, but others will take a long time to play out.

I’m normally one of those “the glass is half-full types” – I really do try to see the good in things and situations and people. But this week, my glass was empty – bone dry, in fact. I thought I’d write about how the incidents have impacted my life and what I’ve learned from them. But I can’t – not yet – maybe not ever.

So this week’s post is short and certainly not “surprisingly upbeat.” Hopefully, and prayerfully, things will work themselves out. In the mean time, I covet your prayers.

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