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Monday, June 16, 2014

Monday Musings: Week 24

Here is this week’s spending report.

Week 24 Spending
Groceries /Food   
Basketball fee

Josiah had a basketball tournament 3 days this week. He played 3 games each day at 10:45, 2:15, and 3:45. Then Esther had basketball games on Tuesday night at 4:45 and 5:30. 11 games in 3 days -- that’s a lot of basketball. Since our home is about 25 miles from town, once we get to Paris, we stay there. It’s just not time or cost-effective to go back home between games or other activities.

Sitting in a gym watching players I don’t know play games I don’t care about doesn’t appeal to me in the least, so I want to get out of there when my kiddos aren’t playing. I would much rather spend the time between games wandering the aisles of our local Hobby Lobby or having a leisurely lunch with my children, but eating out is expensive, and Hobby Lobby can be a mine field for all of us.

Determined not to repeat my mistakes from last week, I dutifully packed lunches and prepared slow cooker meals for dinner when we arrived home. I grabbed my craft bag, making sure it had enough projects to keep me busy. I optimistically filled a backpack with editing projects “just in case” I found a quiet place where I could work.

I’m glad to report my success at keeping myself out of the “spending zone.” I spent one-third of the amount I spent in week 23. Twice, I made trips to grab some groceries and birthday supplies. Other than that, I stayed out of the stores and kept my money in the bank. If I continue this pattern, I will be back on track by the end of the month and should be able to begin rebuilding the cushion in my household account.

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