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Monday, June 9, 2014

Monday Musings: Week 23

Here is this week’s spending report.

Week 23 Spending
Groceries /Food   
Basketball fee

I panicked. I dug through the freezer and realized we’d eaten all the ground meat and breakfast sausage. I looked in the refrigerator and noted a disturbing lack of cheese. I found more empty space in the pantry than there’s been in 6 years, so I felt like I had to stock up on pretzels, our favorite snack food. In my mind, there definitely was a need. As long as there is no opportunity to spend, I can withstand the urge to overstock. But last week, I found myself in Dallas, not once, but twice, and I was in Paris the other 5 days of the week. There it was -- perceived need + opportunity –-the equation for spending mania. And, as you can see, spend I did.

Once I overspent on food, it wasn’t too difficult to move to other purchases, like the 5 skeins of Red Heart Ranch Red yarn, “just in case they discontinue the color before I get that afghan finished.” And “while I’m in the yarn department, I think I’ll go ahead and get the yarn for that next afghan I plan to start after I finish the two I’m working on.” And on my way out of the store, “Look at the fun fabrics they have on clearance. I’ll just pick up a few lengths to make adorable baby blankets for the grandchildren I don’t have yet.” And so it went, until I had amassed almost $400 in purchases.

Tonight I am more than a little bummed out, but I’m not defeated. Monday is the beginning of a new week, and I have the ability to change my ways. I don’t have to let the fact that I’ll be in town at least 4 days next week mean that I have to spend a boat-load of money. We‘ll pack lunches for the days we’re at the basketball tournament. I’ll bake Leah’s birthday cake instead of buying one at the bakery. (My cakes taste better, anyway.) We’ll eat pork and beans with our burgers instead of buying chips. We can do this. I just need to have more resolve and less opportunity!

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  1. You DO make the BEST cakes!!! Keep up the great work and don't get discouraged! I love you!!!!!