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Monday, September 15, 2014

Monday Musings: Week 37


Here are my stats for week 37.               

Week 37 Spending
Piano Lessons

Last Friday, I went to Dallas with my friend Regina. We spent the day together celebrating her upcoming birthday. Then our husbands met us for a lovely dinner, and a visit to Trinity Hall – an Irish pub where we enjoyed listening to and singing along with live Irish music. Regina’s husband used Price Line to get a great rate on a really nice hotel, and we were able to…ta-da…sleep until we woke up! It was fabulous! I loved the leisurely pace of Saturday. The hotel gave us a 2 p.m. checkout time, so we took our time packing up. Syd got to use the workout facilities, but I was sorely disappointed there was no hot tub or pool.

After lunch at a Mexico City-style taqueria, we parted ways with our friends and went on our own expeditions which included a little Christmas shopping and a trip to Pick-n-Pull. You would have thought Syd was in heaven. Pick-n-Pull is a self-service automotive salvage yard. You get to poke around, find a car similar to your own, and then commence pulling parts from it that you can use for your vehicle. I decided to stay in the car and read since he was “just running in to get one part for the van.” This place isn’t located in the best part of Dallas, so I didn’t feel safe sitting there with my windows down. So I baked in the car while Syd had a heyday. I can hardly complain. He patiently tags along when I am fabric/craft shopping, and he even uses his keen eye for color to help me match threads and fabrics.

I was very thankful to have the opportunity to step back and be refreshed since we returned home in the early evening to a houseful of kid drama. This is our lives right now. I’m sure someday I’ll be haunted by the quiet in the house, but right now I’d give just about anything to have some peace and joy around here during waking hours. 

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